Below are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your photography session with Rob Trendiak, as well as some commonly asked questions.

If you still don't see the answer to your question, please e-mail Rob before your session.

Headshot & Portrait Sessions:

As the saying goes, you will never get a second chance at a first impression. The good news is that with the right headshot, you won’t need to worry about making a good impression. Whether it is landing your dream job, getting the date, or making the connection with new clients and colleagues, the right headshot is a catalyst for success.

During each headshot or portrait session, Rob captures and evokes the strength, passion, and individuality of each of his clients. His goal is to create an image that reaches out, grabs, and demands the attention of anyone who views it.

With his camera as his pen, Rob is a true storyteller. Years of experience have made Rob a talented director, who is able to help each client look and feel natural and comfortable in front of the lens. This ensures that the most captivating story shines through every photo.

The Session:

During each session, Rob shoots a variety of different looks to ensure that he has captured the perfect image for any and all of your self-marketing goals. Generally, he likes to shoot three looks in a session. Rob does not have a strict limit on the number of photos taken per look, or even for the entirety of the session; he wants to guarantee that you get the photos you need and will shoot each look until he feels he’s got it completely covered. The amount varies from shoot to shoot, but you should expect 80-125 photography proofs choose from after your session. Proofs will be uploaded and available for viewing in a private client gallery. The gallery is active for 60 days and is the perfect tool to help you choose the photos that you would like Rob to edit.


Each session includes two fully retouched edits. Rob will provide a high resolution as well as a web quality resolution copy of each edit.


Rob recommends bringing a range of 5-10 wardrobe options to choose from. If you aren’t sure what will look best, bring all of your options with you! Rob will personally help you choose the perfect wardrobe for the shoot. Picking what you’ll wear together with Rob is a great way to connect, relax, and have fun before the shoot!

Rob suggests bringing a variety of styles; everything from V-neck t-shirts to leather jackets to black tie options. He loves working with textures and layers and wants you to bring pieces that help express who you are. His only real rule for wardrobe is that you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. However, he does recommend avoiding big, bold patterns or graphics and seasonal clothing options.

If you have any question over whether or not something will work in the shoot, just bring it! Something that isn’t at the studio cannot be shot. If you feel like your wardrobe is missing something that would make the shoot, buy what you need and leave the tags on. This way, you can return it after the shoot.

Hair and Makeup:

Ladies, hair, and makeup are highly recommended for the session. Rob works with professional hairstylists and makeup artists who share his vision of the perfect shot. Hair and makeup is an investment worth making, an investment that will always provide a return. Under the bright photography lights, hair and makeup (especially makeup) can appear drastically different. Professional camera gear has a way of exaggerating even the smallest flaws, but Rob’s hair and makeup artists have the skill and experience to enhance how you’ll look in front of the lens. If you have allergies to any product, just let Rob know ahead of time! If you are getting your hair and makeup done at the studio, please arrive with a clean, dry hair and face. With the exception of a light daily moisturizer, it is important to not to have any products on your face or in your hair. Rob also recommends getting a manicure before your session. Colour is great, but for your session, keeping it neutral or subtle is best.

Gentlemen, hair, and makeup aren’t generally required, but the service is available to you should you so desire. Rob carries a small makeup kit in his camera bag and has you covered when it comes to minor blemishes and shiny skin.

After the Shoot:

After your session, Rob will send you a proofing gallery. The gallery is only active for 60 days, but photos can be downloaded to your computer if you wish to have regular access to them.  You will be provided a 4 digit download pin in the email Rob sends you for the gallery.  To download the photos click on the down arrow at the top right-hand side of the gallery.

After you’ve selected which of the photos you would like edited, just send Rob the photo’s file name located in the gallery’s slideshow mode, the file name is located at the bottom center directly below the image. The file name will look like this: suzy_sanders_headshot_proofs_5.jpg.

If you would like friends, family, or anyone else to have access to this online gallery, Rob can add their email address to the permission. Just let Rob know whom you wish to add to the gallery and he will do that for you no problem!


If you want to print your images, Rob highly recommends Rocket Repro Headshot Printing. They specialize in headshot printing and have the highest quality. Your headshot is a representation of you and, after having a quality photo, it is important to use quality printing to showcase yourself! Be sure to let the guys at Rocket Repro know that Rob was your photographer.


You will have permission to use your photos for self-promotion and social media. If you want to use the photos for a company/product endorsement or advertisement, you will need to purchase a photography lease and get written permission from Rob Trendiak, as he holds the copyright. If your photo is being used for self-promotion in a publication, you will need to receive written permission and credit will need to be given to Rob Trendiak. You do not have permission to sell the photography of Rob Trendiak.

Feel free to tag @trendiakphoto on isntagram!

Frequently Asked Session Questions:

Q: How many wardrobe changes do I get in a session?

A: Rob doesn’t have a set limit to wardrobe changes; he wants you to be able to feel as comfortable and confident as possible. If you aren’t sure what will look best, bring all of your options with you! Rob will personally help you choose what wardrobe will come through best in the photos. With that said, more time spent changing wardrobe means less time spent shooting and fewer photos as a result. A typical session usually allows for 2-3 wardrobe changes.

Q: How many background changes do I get in a session?

A: Just like with wardrobes, Rob doesn’t set a limit to background changes. Similarly to wardrobe, though, more changes means less time. With that said, the background can help set the tone of the photo and Rob has a keen eye and intuition for what works and what doesn’t, allowing for the bulk of your time to be spent shooting.

Q: Will you shoot on location?

A: Yes! Rob loves incorporating people’s personal vision into a shoot to allow even more of their personality to shine through. Just contact him beforehand so that he can know more about the job. Since each location is different and may require different gear and increased travel time, there may be an increase in the session cost.

Q: Is there a deposit?

A: Yes, the deposit is 50% of the session rate (which you can find below). The deposit is required in order to book the date, makeup artist, and studio. Rob accepts payment in the form of cash, check, e-transfer, to

Q: Do you put a watermark on the proofs?

A: No! This is a unique feature of Rob Trendiak Photography, as most photographers do put a watermark on their proofs. This allows you to admire the unobstructed story of each photo while making edit decisions.  The gallery will show a watermark on the images, this is online only.  The downloaded images will not have a watermark on your images.

Q: Can I post the proofs online?

A: Yes, and please do! This is one of the main reasons Rob does not watermark his images; he wants you to be able to share your new photos with the world! He only asks that you tell people that he was your photographer and that you tag him in any photos that you share.

Directions and Contact Information:

Rob’s studio is located at 1394 Kingsway.

The studio is upstairs, please text or call Rob and he will come let you in.


Phone: (778) 998-7585

Rob wants every client to be fully informed before their session, so he appreciates you taking the time to read this information! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Rob at the email address or phone number listed above.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!